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“We will deliver a better value by installing only premium water filtration systems at a fair price and provide superb customer service after the sale”

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MicroPure Water Systems in Albuquerque Wins HomeAdvisor Best of Year After Year

We’ve built our business on a solid customer satisfaction success rate. Read our HomeAdvisor reviews to see we always strive to provide you with the best water softening and filtration service in Albuquerque possible!

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Go to Angie’s List for reviews about us there. We treat our customers like our family. We know that we don’t have a business without your support! See what others are saying! We let our customers speak for us.


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Puronic’s MicroSilver Bacteriostasis™ Technology is based on NASA silver ion technology developed to purify water on the Space Shuttle Orbiters. SilverShield® HYgene® filter media – incorporates MicroSilver Bacteriostasis™ Technology into activated carbon to inhibit bacteria growth within the system’s filter media while reducing objectionable tastes and odors.

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Whether you need a new water softener system or reverse osmosis unit, or service for one you already own – we can help you. MicroPure strives to maintain a reputation of excellent customer service. We provide sales and service in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and surrounding areas.

We can handle any of your home or business water filtration needs. Give us a call today and let us help you: 505.792.1226

We are a proud authorized independent dealer of Puronics water systems. We also provide service to most makes and models of any water purification units for water treatment, filtration, conditioning, or water softening. Whether it’s a whole home system or an under the sink reverse osmosis unit-we can provide you with experienced service and repair-even if we didn’t sale you the unit. Unlike most water filtration system service companies, we will actually attempt to repair your unit rather than tell you that it is too far gone and try and sale you a new one.

We take pride in being an honest, dependable, and experienced business. Our customers can rely on quality of sales and service. This is what has kept us in the water softener business for over 25 years now. We maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and can be found on Angie’s List, as well as the HomeAdvisor. Customer satisfaction is and always will be our priority.

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Reverse Osmosis Water on Tap in Your Albuquerque Home

Bottled Water vs Reverse Osmosis Water on Tap

When you’re thirsty, do you reach for a bottle of water from the fridge or a vending machine, or do you grab a glass and head to the kitchen tap? If you’re like a lot of New Mexicans, you may have the idea that bottled water is purer, cleaner, better for you. But is this actually true? We’ve all heard about chemicals, bacteria, viruses, minerals and other impurities in tap water.

Albuquerque No Salt Water Softener Facts

No Salt Water Softeners

MicroPure Water Systems in Albuquerque is a full service water conditioning business with over 28 years of experience. We offer a wide range water improvement products such as our bacteriostatic Hydronex i-Gen, anti-scale systems like our Goodspring BWS, to our Micromax 7000 Reverse Osmosis systems and everything in between.

Groundwater Problems in New Mexico

New Mexico Groundwater

Here in New Mexico water is an important topic. We live in the desert, where water is scarce. Most of the water we do have flowing from our taps and faucets is groundwater, extracted from aquifers deep underground. In fact, the EPA says 87% of New Mexico’s water comes from groundwater, more than any other state in America.